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Epoxy systems



Adhesives and sealants


Potting compounds


Fiortech offers a wide range of solutions in epoxy resins from general purpose adhesives to specialised potting compounds.


Epoxy systems

  Polyurethane resins

  Silicone products


  Special products



 More than 100Kg

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Resins for any application on a large scale:

STRUCTURAL ADHESIVES: with excellent adhesion to metals, ceramics, glass, wood and many other materials;

SEALANTS: for both electrically and chemically insulation of all electrical components;

SOAKING EPOXY SYSTEMS: for paper, fabrics and glass fibres insulation;

FILLERS: for models and moulds production.

 Fibre optics

Splice protectors

Fibre Optic Adhesives

Fiortech is a leading manufacturer of fibre optic fusion splice protectors and offer a comprehensive range of fibre optic adhesives and 'pot & polish' systems.

Cable Harnessing

ShieldFast® Range

Harnessing Adhesives


Offering full shielding, the one part heat shrinkable ShieldFast® range provides mechanical protection, strain relief and sealing complimented by a range of harnessing adhesives.

Repair and Maintenance

TriPatch® Range

 TriPatch® is an easy to install repair system based around a fast setting epoxy resin with glass cloth reinforcement