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Epoxy systems:

   - Adhesives and sealants

   - Potting compounds

Fibre optic:

   - Splice protectors

   - Fibre optic adhesives
Cable harnessing:

   - Shieldfast Range

   - Harnessing adhesives

Repair and maintenance:

   - Tripatch Range












Potting compounds




RT151 is an optically clear, very low viscosity epoxy resin system



RT152 is an extended pot life version of RT151 optically clear, very low viscosity epoxy resin system



RT310 is a clear low viscosity epoxy system that will cure safely in thick sections 



RT323 is a high temperature performance epoxy resin system with colour change on cure from straw to red



   RT350 is a highly flexible low viscosity epoxy resin system



RT355 is a fast curing, thixotropic epoxy resin system with good adhesion to flexible materials and surfaces.



RT370 is a highly flame retarded general purpose epoxy resin system with excellent physical properties



RT371  is a harder version of previous resin RT370



RT380 is a specially designed very low density epoxy resin system for use where weight is critical

If You need a product which is not listed up here, or You need a more specific resin, please get directly in touch with us: it's easy, quick and successful.