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Epoxy systems:

   - Adhesives and sealants

   - Potting compounds

Fibre optic:

   - Splice protectors

   - Fibre optic adhesives
Cable harnessing:

   - Shieldfast Range

   - Harnessing adhesives

Repair and maintenance:

   - Tripatch Range













hesives and sealants

Epoxy Adhesive Sealants




RT110 is an easy spreading, fast setting epoxy adhesive, which bonds well to a wide range of materials




RT111 is a fast setting structural adhesive that bonds well to difficult substrates such as rubber and fabric



RT112 is a non-sag, fast setting epoxy sealant, which bonds well to a wide range of materials




RT125 is a high performance adhesive and the industry standard for cable harnessing assemblies



If You need a product which is not listed up here, or You need a more specific resin, please get directly in touch with us: it's easy, quick and successful.