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The ShieldFast® range of screened devices offers full shielding and grounding continuity to cables where they are most vulnerable at terminations, splices and transitions. The unique one-piece parts are heat shrinkable to give a snug fit and provide mechanical protection, strain relief and sealing to the underlying structure.


Generic specification



  Tensile Strength   14 MPa
  Elongation   300%
  Braid Coverage   360° >93%
  Temperature range   -55°C to +80°C
  DC end-to-end resistance   <1 mOhm
  Sealing   IP68
Low smoke, low toxicity, zero halogen






The general design features a heat shrinkable sleeve which contains shielding braid, conductive adhesive and hot melt adhesive. Products are supplied circular in cross-section to specified internal diameter and length. The basic ShieldFast® design is easily adapted to suit different cable braid termination requirements or configurations as illustrated.


Shielding Task Examples


Cable Splice, Braid Replacement




  • Simple to specify, stock, handle and install

  • Wide choice of design options for length, supplied diameter, shrink ratio and material specifications

  • Sealing to IP68

  • Low interface resistance

  • High optical coverage. 360° all round protection

  • No calibrated tools, no solder, zero installed stress

Cable Transition

Earth Bond to Spigot, Gland, Feedthrough

Braid Termination at Connector or Adaptor